Increase your revenue with Gameplan

Add a revenue stream and save time by running a summer camp, bootcamp or combine at your facility and engage your players with content created by professional players.

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The benefits
of Gameplan for Gaming Centers

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New revenue stream

Increase and create new revenue streams in your LAN center by using Gameplan.

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Easily manage several centers

The platform supports several organizations, which makes it easy for you to create organizations for several centers and follow stats, progress and distribute content across all organizations.

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Easy to get started

Gameplan has ready-to-go content and doesn’t require hiring coaches.

Add educational offerings to your gaming center
without effort

A course library with hundreds of pre-built lessons

Gameplan has hundreds of fun and interactive lessons created and prepared by professional players and educators. The lessons include everything from how to exercise, managing mental health to in-game content.

Easily get started with your own bootcamp or summer camp - in your facilities or remote

Our platform allows you to start your own bootcamps to increase your revenue - whether you want to do that remote, at your facilities or both.

Manage users across organizations

Our administration tools make it easy for you to manage users and content across several organizations. We're ready to expand together with you.

In-game content created by professional players
in collaboration with ProGuides

Get access to content created by some of the absolute best players in the world. This content helps kids grow individually and mechanically with the help of professional esports instruction.

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