Hand exercises for esports athletes (holiday edition!)

Hand exercises for esports athletes (holiday edition!)

Nov 25, 2021

Thanksgiving is here, and it is time to get your stomach full of cranberry sauce, roast turkey, gravy,  pumpkin pie, and catch up with your loved ones. It doesn’t get better than this, cozy and a wonderful environment with lots of food and people we love. 

Since Thanksgiving celebrations consist mostly of sitting down and eating food,  and we are dedicated gamers, our hands also deserve some love for this thanksgiving. Getting off the table for a little stretch or even doing them while sitting down will make you feel relaxed. Remember, If you at any point experience pains while stretching, you should always consult a doctor or physician.

The human body is designed to move around a lot more than we typically do. Stretching gets rid of the tight and shortens feelings around muscles, and keeps them flexible and strong.

Let’s start by a great stretch you can do even under the table or within round breaks while playing your favorite game. Start off by spreading out all of the fingers in your hands as If you are making a five by your hands. With your thumb, touch your pinky finger. Upon touching your pinky finger and your thumb, spread your hands back open and repeat this process with all your fingers. 

hand warmup

Now that we got our hands moving and stretching. It is time to show some love to our wrists. Our wrists have a high level of physical demand throughout the day with holding the mouse, lifting, and gripping things. Despite this, they are also taken for granted and often left out of stretching routines and become more prone to injuries and pain. In order to give your wrists a good stretch, extend your arm and make sure your palm is facing the floor. Now grab your palm or the beginning of your wrist with your other hand and very gently pull your hand down.

wrist stretch

After finishing the first two moves, rotate your palm and make sure it is facing upwards. Again, grab your hand and very gently pull it down. Right after finishing your stretch, your hands and wrist will feel rejuvenated and as good as new. It is now time to continue enjoying your food. Happy Thanksgiving!

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