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Our mission is to help you teach your students new skills, give them the tools they need to explore and discover the world, and build a better tomorrow together.

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The benefits
of Gameplan for schools

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Attendance and grades

Schools integrating esports in their classrooms have reported higher attendance and improved grades.

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Student engagement

Esports is engaging students who have never participated in any extracurricular activity before.

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Life and career skills

With esports and gaming, learning life and career skills can be fun and motivates students to pursue a STEM career.

Designed to help with mental health

Mental Health Moments are embedded in lessons for authentic social emotional learning.  They support the development of self-efficacy, life skills, and self-esteem—all vital components of mental health.

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The Learning Management System you’ll love
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1. Create a classroom

Create and invite your students to a classroom.

2. Schedule a lesson

Use ready-to-go content created by our esports experts or upload your own.

3. Start lesson

Choose your way of teaching - in your classroom, virtually with live lessons or let your students study at their own pace.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I upload my own curriculum/content?
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Empower your student’s curiosity

Don't set limitations for your students. With the choice to continue learning after the scheduled lessons, learners can go at their own pace, cover new topics or go back to review things they struggled with before.

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