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We provide schools with everything they need to give their students the esports education they deserve.

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Everything began in 2015. Under the name Learn2Esport, we started developing a platform to help coaches run High School esports programs. The focus was on delivering educational content that teaches young players soft skills that are valuable for them in life and in their future work life.

Fall 2020 we released Gameplan, the platform where you have all the tools you need to run a high quality esports program. On top of educational content, Gameplan included tools for teams to review recorded matches, plan strategies, analyze statistics, create individualized training programs and many more.

It has taken many iterations to develop Gameplan to what it is today and we are constantly learning. All the feedback we have gotten from players, coaches, educators and school administrators has given us the direction to build a platform that will engage you, educate you and that is easy to use.

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The team

Kalle Lundgren avatar
Backend Developer
Kalle Lundgren
Jimmy Höglund avatar
Frontend Developer
Jimmy Höglund
Jonas Renngård avatar
Fullstack Developer
Jonas Renngård
Magnus Pastuhoff avatar
Frontend Developer
Magnus Pastuhoff
Renée Andreasson avatar
Design intern
Renée Andreasson
Mikael Andersson avatar
Frontend Developer
Mikael Andersson
Laurynas Brovka avatar
Head of Esports
Laurynas Brovka
Andrius Rutkauskas avatar
Head of Video Production
Andrius Rutkauskas
Pınar Arslan avatar
Content Creator
Pınar Arslan
Johan Klingestedt avatar
Esports Content Manager
Johan Klingestedt

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