We aim to empower educators to inspire students with cutting-edge tools and engaging curricula

Gameplan was developed by Learn2Esport, an edtech company, with the mission to educate the world and empower people with 21st-century skills through esports. The company was founded in 2015 by esports (and traditional sports) veterans who champion learning with esports in a formal educational setting. Since its launch, the company has supported students and teachers in countries across the EU, the Middle East, Asia, the UK, and the US.

We Believe Esports is More Than Just Playing Games

The benefits of esports in education aren’t just about kids playing video games to blow off some steam. While it can be about fun elective classes in high school or any other level of education, it's mainly about harnessing the thrill of competitive gaming to drive engaging, dynamic learning experiences. Authentic, energetic, and immersive esports have the potential to change the game in education, fostering a deep connection with students that traditional teaching methods might struggle to achieve.

Our Culture

At Gameplan, our culture is built on diversity, inclusivity, and continuous improvement through feedback. Our team encompasses various departments, yet our approach goes beyond traditional organizational chart boundaries, fostering a unified, all-hands-on-deck mindset to surpass expectations.

We cherish the insights of educators, incorporating their expertise into our evolving platform. Our values—loyalty, constructive criticism, teamwork, and a familial sense of community—guide us in empowering teachers and students.

Join us in Educating the World Through Esports and Gaming

Join us in Educating the World Through Esports and Gaming

Join us in Educating the World Through Esports and Gaming