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Download our logotype and read the guidelines on how you should use them.

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The Gameplan logo is one of the most crucial aspects of our design language and branding.The logo exists in different versions - "color" and "monotone". Please, read the guidelines below before using the logotype, all uses need to be approved by Learn2Esport Education Global AB:

Download logotypes (external link)

Using the logotype

Clear space

A suitable amount of clear space around the Gameplan logotype is equal to half the size of the logo mark.


The colors of the individual elements in the Gameplan logo should never be changed.

The monotone logotype's colors can be changed in social media posts. The colors have to be from our color library.

Logo mark

The Gameplan logo mark can be used on its own. It can only be used in situations where it is entirely clear that it belongs to Gameplan. One example case is in profile pictures on social media.

Do not use the mark on its own where it is not clear what it is.


The Gameplan logotype should never be smaller than the provided minimum width and height to maintain readability. 83x18 pixels

Never make the Gameplan logotype smaller than the provided minimum width and height.

Do not distort or warp the logo in any way.


Primary color


Full list of our colors can be found in the complete brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines

To get a full understanding of how the Gameplan brand should be used, visit our complete brand guidelines.