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Our Esports Management System is used by schools, academies, camps, teams and learning centers across the world to launch and manage their esports programs with ease.

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The benefits of Gameplan


Easy to get started

Gameplan helps you get started faster by providing you with educational content for major game titles, health and performance.


Keep track of your
students' progress

Easily follow the progress of each individual student through reports and live updates of what chapters, drills, and exams they have completed.

21st-century skills

Increase student engagement

Students participating in high quality esports programs have higher attendance, higher academic performance, and are more likely to pursue a STEM career.

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Game Reviews

Review and analyze games your students have played. The game can be reviewed by a teacher, students or a professional coach.

Create feedback on a specific time stamp

Point out important things by drawing in the video

Real-time collaboration

    Training programs

    Create your own training programs or use our existing library of educational content, drills, and assessments created together with professional esports coaches and educators.

    A library of training programs for game titles like League of Legends, Rocket League, Fortnite, Valorant, and CS:GO

    Covers topics like healthy lifestyle, training performance, and 21st-century skills

    Create and manage your own training programs with a user friendly editor

    Team schedules

    Create teams and invite your students, and keep everyone updated with a shared calendar.

    Plan and schedule content for your team with our intuitive editor

    Keep your students updated with what they should practice on

    Keep track of your students' progress

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    Chapters, drills and exams
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    Training programs
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