Imagine the Gameplan

platform with your


Rather than building your own solution, leverage our platform so you can focus on expanding your business. Our product team will keep the platform updated with new features, improvements, and cutting-edge technologies.

Scale-up your business with Gameplan's white labelling solution

Our platform offers everything you need to launch your own teaching service effortlessly, from a diverse range of content to powerful tools such as interactive activities, video reviews, and whiteboards. Plus, we take care of all the technical details such as data privacy, billing, and accessibility, so you can focus on delivering exceptional education to your users.

A digital learning platform built using the latest technologies

Easily scale your business without worrying about hiring developers and designers

Enable subscriptions or pay-per-course

Edit, upload and manage content



Powerful authorization system

Onboarding and team training


Pay per course

Boost your course sales by offering your users the flexibility to pay per course. Make learning more affordable.


Enable users to easily subscribe to your service and manage their payments with a user-friendly interface.

Organization management

Efficiently add and manage multiple organizations on your platform with our user-friendly editing tools and access control system. Streamline your organization management and save time and effort.

Enable features per organization

Gain greater flexibility and control over your platform. Customize your platform for each organization by enabling or disabling features.

Use our content or bring your own

Our platform hosts hundreds of expert-led lessons on topics like performance training, public speaking, and interactive media. Plus, we feature content created by experts from popular games like League of Legends and Valorant. With our course library, you can easily provide your users with access to this content, or use our intuitive lesson editor to create and share your own courses.


We believe that everyone has the right to learn and grow. That's why we've worked hard to make our platform accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities.

Data privacy

Protecting your users' privacy is our top priority. Our adherence to GDPR rules ensures that your users' personal information is always safe and secure. With us taking care of regulatory compliance, you can focus on what really matters - building your business.


Simplify user onboarding and increase convenience by enabling single sign-on options. Streamline your users' experience

Customize the platform to your needs with our white labelling tools

Your logotype

Your colors

Your social media links

No mention of Gameplan

Flexible and powerful authorization

Safeguard your platform and streamline your management processes with our easy-to-use and powerful authorization system. Effortlessly manage who can see and do what.


Optimize performance and improve user satisfaction with our powerful analytics tools. Gain valuable insights into user behavior and track your product's progress.

Dedicated support and Slack channel with our team

Get reliable and prompt assistance with any potential issues. Contact our dedicated support team via instant messaging on Slack.

Enable or disable Bob, the mascot

We love Bob, but we understand he doesn't fit in everywhere.

Continuous development and new features

Our platform is dedicated to your success, constantly evolving with new features and cutting-edge technology. Stay ahead of the game and focus on your business while we take care of the technical aspect.

Team onboarding and training

Our experts will train your team on all the tools and support you from the beginning of your journey through launch and beyond.

Custom feature and content development

Take your product to the next level with our customized software development and content creation services. Get the features and content you and your customers want and exceed their expectations.

And a lot more…

Our platform is packed with features designed to help you achieve your goals, from a diverse course library to an intuitive lesson creator and editor. Want to see how it works? Schedule a demo with one of our experts today and discover how Gameplan can help you.