Career Opportunities in Esports

Career Opportunities in Esports

Nov 18, 2021

When it comes to esports as a professional pursuit, everyone has similar questions. Can one make a living from esports? , What are the job prospects?, Is it worth the hustle?

Esports is a thriving global industry. Global esports revenues eclipsed $1 billion in 2020, up from $950 million in 2019. Projections suggest global revenue will hit $1.6 billion by 2023.  (Newzoo, 2020).

The growing esports industry:

You may think there are bound to be ample career opportunities available in this industry with all these revenue streams, and you are correct to assume so. Esports is an ever-growing industry with layered career options. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Can I make a living playing video games?”. Although it is not as simple as that, just like traditional sports, there are professional athletes with fixed salaries, experienced coaching staff, and general managers.

The glamour of this industry is not limited to being a professional athlete. Pro teams belong to leagues, which are run by esports organizations specializing in organizing and managing tournaments. This process can become a joint venture with the developers and publishers who produced the game. These events attract the attention of sponsors from different fields, making it possible to be a part of the esports scene working for a traditional company.

Most pursued esports professions:

One of the most pursued professions of the gaming world is broadcasting, and play-by-play announcements called shoutcasting. Esports draws most of its online audience from live-streaming platforms like Approximately two-thirds of all global esports revenue stems from sponsorship and media deals (Newzoo, 2020). Even traditional sports networks like ESPN are showing interest in esports events running on their platforms. As one might imagine, this leads to a creation of a new side industry with available roles like production managers, camera operators, audio/visual technicians, producers, etc.

Additional career options in esports:

Aside from these most apparent possibilities, there are positions available for content writers, educators, psychologists, medics, educators, and so much more. That’s what makes esports an inclusive and exciting field. There are so many different entry points; one can turn this into a meaningful career path.  

The percentage of making it to the pro scene and being a professional player is not high, but we also see that many of the students interested in the field are not aiming for that sole purpose. Studying this field in an organized environment like a classroom setting utilizing Gameplan curriculum, and immersing in esports games as a team shows them the possibility of a future in the industry and gives them enough knowledge to make an educated career plan.


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