Education Director Dr. Clint Kennedy joins Learn2Esport as Chief Evangelist

Education Director Dr. Clint Kennedy joins Learn2Esport as Chief Evangelist

Nov 18, 2020

Uppsala, Sweden • Learn2Esport, the Swedish esports educational company, warmly welcomes Dr. Clint Kennedy as the Chief Evangelist. A Ph.D. holder in Educational Psychology from the University of Connecticut, he is the former Director of Education for PlayVS and brings with him over 20 years of experience as an educator, Chief Technology Officer, and School Administrator.

Clint has worked with K-12 schools, universities, and private and nonprofit companies both in the US and internationally, focusing on integrating innovative technology to improve learning, teaching, and business. He stumbled upon his first esports coaching job 5 years ago while designing and implementing a “soft skills” (i.e, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity) curriculum at multiple high schools in southeastern Connecticut. Since then, he has cultivated his interests in educational technology integration, esports management, and support of mastery-based learning. Clint is best known for being the founder, along with 12 dedicated high school interns, of the first US-based state-sanctioned high school esports league.

As the Chief Evangelist for Learn2Esport and, the esports management platform, Clint will be responsible for new and existing partnerships. He will be working with state high school athletic associations, third party organizations including technology resellers, esports arenas/facilities, and colleges/universities with existing competitive esports programs and esports management degree programs in the US. He will also be working closely with the Head of Education, Nesligul Kolasinli, to develop courses and other curriculum offerings, in addition to his critical input on the design and roadmap for the company’s platform.

Clint shares, “I could not be more excited to join the Learn2Esport team. The competitive side of esports is the hook for most students, but without addressing the educational and community aspects of our shared ecosystem, we would be doing a great disservice to students around the world. Learn2Esport provides equitable access and an on-ramp to esports-related educational courses and content, as well as, supporting their competitive choices and facilitating greater connection with the community.”

Learn2Esport is a Swedish brand that specializes in student and teacher tools for teaching Esports in schools, universities, and organizations. is the platform to run a high-quality esports program. On top of educational content, features tools for teams to review recorded matches, plan strategies, analyze statistics, create individualized training programs, and many more. Explore the platform here:

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