Enhancing Student and Teacher Experience with Gameplan and Gaming Concepts


Gaming Concepts, an extensive curriculum, combined with Gameplan and its tools enhances both the student and the teacher's experiences. 

February 13, 2023

One of the many courses we offer on Gameplan is Gaming Concepts by Generation Esports. The courses guide students to explore careers and learn skills they will need beyond high school. With mental health moments embedded into lessons, Gaming Concepts also focus on three mental health determinants: self-efficacy, life skills, and self-esteem. 

A thorough content, combined with Gameplan and its tools, enhances both the student and the teacher's experiences. 

If we look at the data on attendance and students participation from schools utilizing Gaming Concepts in the classroom, we can see that:

It’s easy to teach with easy-to-follow directions and project-based lessons!

Our users gave us a stellar review of a 9.4 user rating!

The platform is really great, and I'd give it a 9/10. 
Definitely looking forward to expanded content and new features as they roll out. We absolutely love the VOD tool. 
I am so glad this is available to my students.
Just keep it up. My kids love this class. I love teaching the class and learning what all you have for my students to move forward!
What I like best about the Gaming Concepts course is that all lessons are very easy to follow and push out to students.
Students can proceed at their own pace. I have the freedom to mix and match lessons.
It provided a full course starting point to develop a CTE esports course. Gave a direction rather than building from scratch.
I'm starting out, so my rating system is based on being a beginner. I like that all the concepts I need are right there for me, and they are easy to assign.
Our school has seen an improvement in GPA by 1.7 points

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