Gameplan Expands Statespace’s Partnership to Include Aim Lab Content

Gameplan Expands Statespace’s Partnership to Include Aim Lab Content

Oct 27, 2022

Gameplan Partners with Aim Lab to Amplify Their In-game Content Offering For All Users

Uppsala, Sweden  -  Today, Gameplan and Statespace announce an expansion of their partnership to now include the use of Aim Lab content, formally known as ProGuides, for all Gameplan customers. Previously, Gameplan and Statespace’s partnership included a seamless integration of the Aim Lab product for Gameplan customers, allowing access to the aim training software directly from the Gameplan platform. 

 In regards to the recent partnership expansion, Gameplan CEO Rasmus Sandström said, “I’m really excited that all the kids using Gameplan will be able to get access to the Aim Lab content created by some of the absolute best players in the world. This partnership will help kids grow individually and mechanically with the help of professional esports instruction. At Gameplan, we always put the kids first, so we are excited to extend our partnership with an organization that has the same values. Wayne and the rest of the Statespace team are building something truly awesome and we are proud to be able to work together to help kids develop their passion and love for gaming and esports.

The partnership aims to add to the already robust content library of in-game training and drills geared towards improving game play, performance training focused on the development of soft and team skills, and a streaming and content creation course developed in tandem with Twitch. The addition of the Aim Lab content adds an additional 100+ hours of in-game training and drills created by professionals to Gameplan and expands the number of titles offered on the platform. 

Statespace CEO Wayne Mackey said, “It is an incredible privilege to partner with Gameplan to include Aim Lab content on their platform. At our core, Statespace wants to help and empower players to improve in the games they love. Whether aspiring esports athletes or students simply looking to enjoy video games even more, making Aim Lab content accessible to the next generation of gamers was a no-brainer. With access to tutelage from some of the best esports talent, we’re excited to collaborate with Rasmus and the team at Gameplan on bringing more resources to the kids they passionately serve.”

Aim Lab content will be available for all current and future Gameplan users starting today October 26th, 2022.

About Gameplan: Gameplan is Learn2Esport’s complete learning management solution for schools, LAN centers, learning centers, afterschool programs and organizations to build and manage their esports programs, teams, camps, and centers. Gameplan makes it easy for teachers to access and create lessons, evaluate player development, and assess player performance. Gameplan is now powering over 300 schools, gaming centers, and after school programs across the globe. For more information on Gameplan, visit

About Statespace: Statespace Labs provides performance analytics to mental training across gaming and digital health. Founded in 2017 by neuroscientist Dr. Wayne Mackey, Statespace’s portfolio of products includes Aim Lab, the first-person shooter aim trainer of choice for more than 20 million players, ProGuides with 500+ lessons from 60+ professional players, and Playerbase, a subscription platform that connects gaming coaches with players who want to improve their skills. Statespace's work in digital health has helped propel studies in cognitive neuroscience through partnerships with Mount Sinai Hospital and Kernel. For more information on Statespace, visit

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