Statespace and Learn2Esport Partner to Help Young Esports Players Develop Their Skills

Statespace and Learn2Esport Partner to Help Young Esports Players Develop Their Skills

Oct 12, 2021

Statespace and Learn2Esport, Creators of Gameplan, Announce Partnership Aimed at Helping Young Esports Players Develop Their Skills and Creating a Path to Going Pro

Statespace, developer of neuroscience-based performance training solutions, including Aim Lab, the first-person shooter (FPS) aim trainer of choice for more than 20 million players, and Learn2Esport, creators of Gameplan, a global esports learning and skill development platform, have announced their partnership to broaden the esports skills development opportunities available to young video game players.

With this new partnership, students and players using Gameplan and Aim Lab will be able to seamlessly switch between platforms as well as access their FPS training statistics, scores, and personal ranking data within the Gameplan platform. This provides players the ability to analyse their performance to identify areas of improvement. By using Aim Lab data in conjunction with Gameplan features, such as Video of the Day, users can monitor their progress and get immediate feedback on their gameplay.

The partnership’s goal is to support youth esports players in developing their core skills to better prepare for future professional opportunities in esports. With the new layer of data provided by Aim Lab, players can assess their gameplay and overcome plateaus blocking them from progressing, and it will now be easier for teachers and coaches to create customized training plans that meet the individual objectives of youth players.

“The next generation of professional esports players and coaches need effective tools to unlock their highest potential,” said Dr. Wayne Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Statespace. “We are big fans of Learn2Esport and thrilled to integrate Aim Lab into Gameplan and make focused and high performance training more accessible to the superstars of tomorrow.”

“We are proud to partner with Aim Lab on this exciting project, which will help our students take their game to the next level,”  Said Rasmus Sandstrom, Co-Founder of Learn2Esport. “The integration of Aim Lab’s best-in-class FPS training program into the Gameplan system will open up new methods for players to hone their skills. We are thrilled to see the new opportunities this brings to student gamers.”

About Statespace Labs

Statespace Labs provides performance analytics to mental training across gaming and digital health. Founded in 2017 by neuroscientist Dr. Wayne Mackey, Statespace’s portfolio of products includes Aim Lab, the first-person shooter aim trainer of choice for more than 20 million players and Playerbase, a subscription platform that connects gaming coaches with players who want to improve their skills. Statespace's work in digital health has helped propel studies in cognitive neuroscience through partnerships with Mount Sinai Hospital and Kernel. For more information on Statespace, visit

About Gameplan

Gameplan is an esports learning and skill development platform created by Learn2Esport. With Gameplan, student-players can study esports-related curriculum, practice drills, and make notes on their progress to develop from player to pro. Coaches and teachers can easily see a student’s progress and schedule learning material as needed to give the right coaching and feedback at the right time.

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