CSL Esports Launches Virtual Esports Summer Camp Program with Learn2Esport

CSL Esports Launches Virtual Esports Summer Camp Program with Learn2Esport

May 4, 2021

CSL Esports, North America’s largest esports collegiate league operator, recently announced its launch of a virtual summer camp and combine program for middle school and high school students with Learn2Esport.

Numerous popular esports titles will be featured, including Venture Valley, Singleton Foundation’s latest online business-building game, as part of the efforts around financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The Foundation’s collaboration with CSL Esports extends their offerings to scholastic curriculum. Other game titles include Rocket League, League of Legends, League of Legends - Wild Rift, NBA2k, Madden NFL 21, and FIFA 21.

“Education is a core component of CSL Esports,” said Rob Johnson, CEO, CSL Esports. “We engage young students to pique intellectual curiosity that could lead to opportunities in higher education, meaningful careers, and success in life.”

The camps and combines will use Gameplan, Learn2Esport’s esports management system and will be run by trained industry professionals and coaches. These will include seven one-week long online camps for middle school and high school-aged students and seven one-week long online summer combines for high school-aged students.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with CSL Esports to bring Gameplan to more schools in the US. Learn2Esport has been operating in Europe since 2016. The outreach from US schools has been tremendous. We look forward to providing fun, safe, and meaningful esports experiences this summer as a kick start to supporting additional middle schools, high schools, and colleges in the US for the 2021-22 school year,” said Rasmus Sandstrom, CEO and Co-Founder of Learn2Esport.

Registration is ongoing at https://cslesports.com/camps-and-combines/ and camps and combines will start on June 14th.  

About CSL

CSL Esports provides turnkey solutions for schools and students to compete and learn valuable skills in the rapidly expanding esports industry. Since 2009 CSL Esports has been one of North America’s largest collegiate esports business with hundreds of participating schools, providing over $1 million in scholarships and partnering with over 1,800 educational institutions under its premier tournament series, Collegiate StarLeague.

CSL Esports is part of Playfly Sports, the full-service, leading sports marketing and media company that enables brands to engage with sports fans on a local, regional, and national level through scaled linear, digital, and experiential assets. Playfly Sports drives outcome-based solutions into 90-million households via more than 7,800 live U.S. broadcasts of MLB, NBA, and NHL games; and influences sports fans of all ages through the management of college multimedia rights, uniform branding, and high-profile sports sponsorship platforms. The company introduces high school and college students to career development opportunities in esports through CSL Esports, operators of North America’s largest college esports league. Playfly Sports has the unique ability to partner, innovate, and advance the aspirations of athletes, brands, academic institutions, and sports fans across the U.S. Playfly Sports is Powered by Partnership. Visit Playfly Sports online at playfly.com and follow Playfly Sports on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook: @PlayflySports.

About Gameplan and Learn2Esport

Gameplan is a powerful esports management system developed by Learn2Esport, built for schools, camps, teams, organizations, and learning centers, to launch and manage their esports programs with ease. The first of its kind, the user friendly platform effortlessly lets users create and manage gaming and educational content, collaborate on esports strategies, and measure progress and development.

Learn2Esport is a Swedish EdTech company, with the mission to educate the world and empower people with 21st-century skills through esports. The company was founded by esports (and traditional sports) veterans in 2016 who champion learning with esports in a formal educational setting. Since its launch, the company has supported the structured and educational needs of students in Sweden and countries across the EU, UK, and now in the USA. Visit www.gameplan.com for more information.


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