Gameplan Revenue Streams

Gameplan Revenue Streams

Sep 27, 2022

In this article, we are exploring different revenue streams when using Gameplan. We will be going through summer camps, online academies, and after-school programs.

What makes Gameplan great is it’s flexibility to be used in a variety of scenarios and situations. Whether you are a computer center, school, learning center or other organization Gameplan’s can be used to manage and run esports training programs.  In the following article we will be exploring a few ways to add additional revenue streams to your business using Gameplan. Today we will be discussing summer camps, online academies and after school programs. 

In the picture we break it down to, amount of hours for the attendees, how many attendees an average program has, a recommended cost to charge per attendee, and lastly how much net revenue is brought in with those previous numbers.

Return of Revenue Breakdown

Let's begin from the top, summer camps. On Gameplan we have made it easier for you to start up a new camp program. We have designed and developed prebuilt summer camp templates for full day (6h/day) and half day (3h/day). The template is for 5 consecutive days but that can easily be edited by you if you prefer to structure the camp differently. Also worth noting that even though the title is summer camps, it can be easily used for any time of the year where you have 5 consecutive days to run a camp program.

From our experiences, a summer camp program has on average 15 campers, if you are doing a game agnostic camp. For game specific camps, these numbers tend to decrease. For a full-day camp experience, let's charge $350 per camper and $200 for a half-day experience. This brings our total to $5,250 for full-day and $3,000 for half-day. It is fairly common to run a couple weeks of camp throughout the summer meaning a potential of bringing in $6,000 to $10,000+ for the summer. 

Moving on to an online academy, this can be structured in many different ways but it is common to run with a monthly subscription or a pay-per-course model. An average number of members per month or courses purchased is around 75. A monthly subscription can cost around $10 and a paid course around $20-$40. For a monthly subscription that equals $750 per month and for the paid courses around $1,500-$3,750 when 75 courses are purchased.

Lastly we have after-school programs. For this example we will run 2 different scenarios, but the overall idea is the same. The program will run for 8 weeks and either meet once a week or twice a week during that time. We suggest charging participants $350 for 16 classes or $200 for 8 classes. On average we’ve seen programs have about 20 students participating in these programs. With the number presented, gross revenue is $7000 per 8-week program meeting 2 times a week and $4000 per 8-week program meeting 1 time a week. 

Remember that these numbers vary for everyone and we simply took some average attendance and revenue numbers we have seen used by our partners, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. You can find us in the small chat bubble in the right corner.

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