Patch Notes - 14 April, 2023

Patch Notes - 14 April, 2023

Apr 14, 2023

 It has been a week already! And we are back with new updates and fixes! 🤩

🧑‍💻User Updates

♦ It’s now possible to mark users as deleted. They’ll be permanently deleted after 60 days. This gives the organization admin a safety net.
♦ Added a “You’ve been removed from this organization” message for users that have been deleted to improve communication.
♦ By removing the email field in our onboarding step, we made signing up with SSO (Discord, Google, etc.) easier.
♦ We added Clever icons to the members list in classrooms to improve how we present connections to Clever.

🐛 Small Improvements

♦ Upgraded the overall performance work - 44% faster compared to last week.
♦ Further improvements on Video reviews - building on the changes we made last week.

We hope you have a spectacular weekend!

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